Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Independent Food Critic: Arthur Bryant's Barbeque (Kansas City)

This is the first day of the month and first Independent Food Critic review of this month. Just only did a thew things last month. Today from now ate at Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City, Ks over by Legends. One of the only three locations of Arthur Bryant's the original place is in a old part of KC, Mo. Had some celebrity's that ate at that one such as Steven Spielberg. Did ate at the one once 5 years ago. The one at Legends is in a better building. It is one of the most notice BBQ place in Kansas City. What I had was their Pit sandwich mostly something for their specials in most of the BBQ place in Kansas City with different kinds of meat mix in with beef, pork and chicken. Loaf of bread on the bottom had a side of fires. The meat was not really that good same with their BBQ sauces. Fries are good home cooked. Meat dose not really have the best way that's been cooked. It's one of the traditional BBQ place and this one as Soul food BBQ. Even Rather go for Famous Dave's BBQ and Papa Bobs over in Bonner Springs, Ks. Still not really any rush to come back to. Makes me go Vegetarian. APRIL FOOLS! (since it's that day posting this review). For Arthur Bryant's 1 out of 5 I give it a 2 out of 5. Sorry but one the best known BBQ place's in Kansas City. Is not really that good. More post's well be out soon. Remember something I am my own food Critic and for now Keep on eating! 

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