Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Indy Food Critic: Whats with the pretzel buns?

pretzel bun roast beef melt from Arby's

Haven't been doing any post for a while. Been really busy with something right now and having some problems typing on this site. This is one of the not reviews Indy Food Critic where it is one of a thew I write about restaurant's right now. Most of the fast food and other forms of chain places are doing pretzel buns. Just wondering what's with the pretzel buns? A bit about the pretzel where it came from Germany. Shape of a heart where they reword kids with them after they do their bible preys. Also the pretzel is known good for beer. Serve at beer feast's such as October feast. Now most restaurants are using them as buns form of a sandwich. Started off with Sonic for their pretzel bun hot dogs. Wendy's with their Pretzel bun burgers now they have a pretzel bun chicken sandwich. Arby's with their roast beef and ham sandwich's. Arby's roast beef one was one of the pretty good pretzel bun sandwich's beside's bratwurst sever on a pretzel bun at Haus as the best. It is a small German bar kinda place ate and review back in October 2012. Also dine in chain place's are also doing pretzel buns. Such as Ruby Tuesdays with their pretzel bun burgers. Chili's with their pretzel bun chicken sandwich. Applebees has not have their way of a pretzel bun sandwich serve pretzel sticks with beer cheese to dip it in. Maybe Taco Bell well come out with their pretzel shell taco. Whats with the pretzel buns right now is the pretzel the thing that is in right now. Whats wrong with regular buns or other kinds of buns? Pretzel bun is what we got for now some place's. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

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